Lady Nimlas?

I have 4 years of experience in Tribal Fusion Bellydance. From the very first try-out class I was hooked and it soon became a passion! I have discovered muscles I didn't know I had and I am not tired of pushing my limits yet.

Still looking for a bellydance act?

Are you looking for an act for your wedding, company event or neighbourhood party? I will gladly take care of that. You can book me for a short or longer performance. To be able to create a performance you and your guests will enjoy, it is best to contact me. Then together we can see how we can best fulfil your wishes.

Previous projects: choreographies by MizKaoz

The Tribal Fusion Bellydance genre includes many different styles. Vintage, gypsy (or gitana), gothic... The possibilities are endless. The choreography videos below give you an idea of what the Gypsy/Gitana and Dark/Gothic styles can entail. Both choreographies you can watch below were made by MizKaoz (member of Kaoz Dance Collective), a passionate and experienced Tribal Fusion bellydancer and my mentor.

Learn how to bellydance yourself

Any style of bellydance, just like other dance styles, offers a good work-out and a boost in self-confidence. Would you like to learn it yourself? You can take classes of 8 to 10 lessons to learn tips and tricks at different levels. You can also book a workshop on location.

The “Tribal Fusion style”

Tribal Fusion is a form of bellydance that takes inspiration from traditional oriental bellydance and combines it with other dance styles. An important characteristic of Tribal Fusion is the more grounded posture and tight isolations. In that respect, the style also differs strongly from oriental bellydance.

Connect body and spirit

Dance is an expression of emotion. It is a way of translating feelings into a more tangible form. And even if you just see dance as one of many training possibilities, it requires a unique connection between the body and the mind. The Lady Nimlas logo represents that connection and the balance between flow and control, two typical characteristics of the Tribal Fusion style.