Book a show

Still looking for an act to perform at your neighbourhood party, wedding, festival or other event? Maybe a belly dance act by Lady Nimlas is just what you are looking for. I started teaching in 2021 and have already collaborated on two video projects in the summers of 2020 and 2021. However, nothing beats a live performance. Book a show by Lady Nimlas to add a touch of tribal magic to your event.

You can choose between different styles and lengths. You can book performances from 5 to 20 minutes. This can be in one go or split by breaks. The longer the performance, the more styles you can combine.

  • Classic Tribal Fusion
  • Gypsy (Gitana) Tribal Fusion
  • Dark Tribal Fusion
  • Silk Fan Veil

A duo act is also a possibility on demand.

What should you provide?

All I need is a music system to which I can connect a laptop or USB stick. Music can of course be provided in advance. And of course, enough space to dance is a must. This can be on a stage, a dance floor or outside on the grass. Most acts will be danced barefoot, so the surface must be suitable for that.

The size of the dance area should be at least 12 m², but for an act with silk fan veils, it is best to double or even triple that. It is certainly also interesting to know whether there is a backstage area or not. That has an impact on costume changes, for example.

Would you prefer a workshop?

You can also book an introductory workshop for your bachelor or birthday party. I will then come and give a workshop at a location of your choice (your living room, garden or any other location). You will then get an introduction to Tribal Fusion Bellydance in 2-3 hours. You will learn the first basic movements and the technique involved. At the end you will be taught a short choreography together and we will finish with a relaxing stretching session.